This organic virgin coconut oil has soothing, anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce your complaints instantly. Coconut oil also incredibly heals burns and scalds.

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Agrilife owns both the organic coconut farms and production facilities. Selected the best mature coconut, Agrilife employs the unique method - centrifugal extraction to produce the oil. So the truly Organic, Extra-Virgin and Cold-pressed Coconut Oil is delivered.
Agrilife Coconut Oil is the good source of MCFAs.                 How to Use

- Use as cooking oil (savory & dessert)

- Take one to four tablespoon daily before or with the meal

- Best oil for Oil Pulling therapy

- Ideal for hair & skin moisturzing

- Use as massage oil                                                     Ingredients

100% Organic Coconut Oil                                                 Storage Condition

Store in a cool dry placeWarnings

The oil will solidify naturally when the temperature is below25 degree celsius