Grappa is a traditional Italian spirit. It is uniquely crafted from the residue of grape skins and seeds after wine pressing. Originating from Italy, its distinct flavor is influenced by the grape variety used. With an alcohol content ranging from 70-120 proof, Italian Grappa is a favored digestif and a popular addition to espresso drinks. While early grappas were more rustic, contemporary versions have evolved, offering smoother tastes from specific grape varieties. These premium grappas are often showcased in artisanal hand-blown glass bottles. Grappa Barricata stands out, aged meticulously for up to twelve months in wooden Barriques barrels. Legend traces Grappa’s origins to a Roman Centurion in Bassano del Grappa during the second century, although the evolution of its distillation methods can be linked to the crusades era in Italy. For enthusiasts looking to explore, Grappa varieties include Giovane (young/unaged), Invecchiata (aged), and Stravecchia (very old).