This sparkling wine is produced in Emilia, Italy. The most famous wine from the origin is Lambrusco sparkling red wine. It is very popular with the locals. We will never forget it after drinking it, and we won't be able to turn our heads.The wine is ruby red, with a slight violet aroma, and exudes aromas of fresh red berries, cherries, and raspberries.The bubbles are round, the taste is sweet and easy to taste.The acidity of the wine will make the mouth fresh. It is a sparkling wine suitable for relieving greasy. It can be drunk with fatty dishes, such as Italian cured sausage and ham. The two sides complement each other and complement each other!

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Variety Sparkling

Country ITALY

Area N/A

Year N/A

Alcohol 8%

Grape variety 100% Lambrusco

Capacity 750 ML