Gorgonzola (gorgonzoeula in Lombard language) is a blue cheese, produced in Italy from whole cow's milk. It is a DOP cheese originally from the province of Milan and its historical production areas are the provinces of Milan, Como, Pavia and Novara. The latter has become the main producer in the last century. Gorgonzola takes its name from the Lombard town of the same name that gave it its birth, where the Gorgonzola Festival is celebrated every year towards the end of September. With 4 732 715 wheels, Gorgonzola is the second PDO cheese in the world for production, after Grana Padano, and is the fifth most exported Italian cheese in the world with 20,000 tons

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Classic or spicy Gorgonzola and / or with two pastes: it is a gorgonzola containing the fungal strain Penicillium roqueforti which determines the bluish streaks of the pasta; it has a spicy flavor and intense aroma.