Gimoka Ricco L'Espresso All'Italiana BIANCO is composed of a careful selection of medium-roasted beans, consisting of 10% Indonesian Arabica and 90% Brazilian Robusta. This coffee stands out for its extremely delicate flavour, with hints of caramel and a delicious aroma. The long-lasting crema layer provides an extra pleasure for the senses. It will certainly appeal to lovers of a subtly acidic flavour. Thanks to its medium caffeine content, this coffee is perfect for any time of the day. This blend lends itself perfectly to preparation in a cafeteria, but can also be brewed using the traditional method. It is a great choice as a base for coffee drinks with milk, giving them a delicious flavour.

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Brand NameGimoka
Item FormGround
FlavorWithout Flavor
Coffee Roast Levelmedium_roast
Container TypePouch
Unit Count250 gram