Puccia Salentina is a soft bread typical of southern Puglia made with durum wheat semolina, extra virgin olive oil, iodized salt, mother yeast, long natural leavening and cooked on stone according to tradition. A quick product to prepare and that can be combined with all kinds of fillings: from the land to the sea, every seasoning is a unique opportunity to enjoy a healthy and tasty meal.

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The puccia salentina: the bread with a crispy crust, a soft heart and an unmistakable scent

If you are a good fork, you probably already know it: the Salento puccia is a real institution of Salento cuisine, together with pittule, pasticciotto and rustic Lecce: we could call it just one of the culinary symbols of Salento in talia and in the world!

What makes Puccia Leccese so good and appreciated by young and old is its unmistakable knowledge very similar to pizza dough. The puccia salentina is nothing more than a very soft loaf with a round shape , about 20 cm wide and not too high, usually cooked in a wood oven and characterized by an internal “vacuum”, as it is deprived of the crumb to be seasoned inside.

The audacity of this simple loaf lies precisely in the possibility of seasoning it in an infinite number of ways! We could call it the " bread that leaves room for imagination”, just because once cut in half, you can release your imagination and create the perfect puccia with the condiments that most inspire your mind! As per tradition, it is usually seasoned with pieces of horse, tasty meatballs with tomato sauce, meat, grilled vegetables, and classic cold cuts of the house together with a mi formaggi

However, there are many combinations that can be made, some really bold and out of any culinary scheme that include the use of tuna carpaccio, octopus or smoked salmon for all fish lovers who do not want to asolutely give up a tasty brunch based on white meat.