The Riserva Tre Botti is the result of the expertise and creative flair of Vecchia Romagna, who has mastered the secrets of brandy production for two centuries now. This product acquires its richness and intensity from the blend of great spirits; the finest of which are aged for up to 10-15 years. The spirit is aged in three different barrels: small French oak barriques to define structure and character, large Slovenian oak barrels to bestow softness and smoothness, and tonneau barrels – previously used to store Italian red wine – to obtain refined, velvety notes. Characterised by hints of dried fruit, namely hazelnut and other sweeter aromas such as cinnamon and tropical fruit. Smooth, soft and balanced due to the blend of the woody oak and roasted hazelnut notes and the sweet and crisp fruity notes of vanilla, raisins and tropical fruit, in addition to the spicy hints of cinnamon and cloves. Alcohol%: 40.8% Country of origin: Italy Size: 700ml

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