Obtained from olives by mechanical means only, superior olive oil is the perfect pair for salads, sauces and so much more! Might freeze below 5°C however defrosting won't affect the high quality of the olive oil. For best results keep away from sunlight and heat Keep tightly capped in a cool dry space. Find the lot number and best before date on the packaging. As well as tasting perfect, superior olive oil is free of fatty acidity (as oleic acid) maximum 0.8% Net Wt. 5000 ml (170 fl. oz) e Origin: Turkey Manufacturer HKG ELEK. DIS TIC. LTD. STI Company Registration No: TR-10-K-030479 Production Plant EGEM Sanayi Sitesi Küçükkoy Mah. Tellikavak Cad. 31, Sok C Blok No: 6C/4 Ayvalik, Balikesir, Turkey Sales & Support www.ayvolea.com.tr info@ayvolea.c

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