Shinobu Blended Whisky Mizunara finish 43% 70cl Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 2019 Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019 Gold Medal Bartender Spirits Award, 2019 Silver Medal Niigata is known in Japan for its “Three White” treasures, i.e. snow, rice and sake, and a naturally blessed environment for pure water source. Made in Niigata, SHINOBU (meaning “Forbearance” in Japanese) Whisky is hand crafted by the creative master blender, Mr. Usami, by carefully selecting whisky from different distilleries which are first reserved in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks and then finishing them with precious Japanese Mizunara oak. The blended expression contains 50% malt and 50% grain. The result is a unique fusion of flavours and dynamic explosion in palate yet so smooth and easy to drink. All natural with no colouring. Nose : Butter, Coconuts candy, mint, grass, wood. Palate : Smooth, a bit oily, hint of Chinese incense, butter, vanilla. Finish : Sandalwood, vanilla.

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Shinobu Distillery is located in beautiful Niigata  prefecture of Japan, a place that is praised locally by its “three white treasures,” namely SNOW, RICE AND SAKE.

In the distillery lives a passionate whisky lover and an experienced brewer, Mr. Ken Usami, who also  founded  the craft beer brewery  called Niigata Beer 20 years ago in the same town. As an innovator by heart, Mr. Usami was the first brewer to apply SECONDARY BOTTLE FERMENTATION AND AGING in Niigata beer.